Featured Wine

These are some of the natural wines we are most excited about; you will find rare gems, new producers, but also weird stuff that will expand your sensory horizon. Check back often and see what’s up!

Primal Wine Club

If you are not sure where to start, joining our wine club is the best way to familiarize yourself with natural wine. Each month we'll ship you a selection of wines customized as much as possible to your taste.

Primal Wine Club, Mixed Natural Wine - primalwine.co.uk

Mixed Wine Club

Our most popular wine club, you will get a good mix of red, white, rosé, and orange, either still or pét-nat style.

Primal Wine Club, Red Natural Wine - primalwine.co.uk

Red Wine Club

Light and glou glou style or complex and structured, occasionally fizzy if you like pét-nats, we have them all!

Primal Wine Club, White & Orange Natural Wine - primalwine.co.uk

White Wine Club

Zesty and refreshing, crisp with bright acidity, also pét-nat and often with some skin contact – yes, orange :)

Orange Wine

Orange wine or skin contact wine is a type of natural wine made from white grape varietals where the skins are left to macerate with the must for an extended period of time, from 2-3 days to 6 months or more.

Red Wine

Natural red wine ranges from light-bodied, refreshing, low in alcohol and tannins, to full-bodied and complex. However, the most common style is the former, also called glou glou style.

A Natural Wine Blog

Read about natural wine, natural winemaking, and natural wine producers. Explore with us this fascinating world, join us in our journey through the places and faces of terroir.