Elisabetta Foradori, Natural Wine Producer from Trentino-Alto Adige, Primal Wine - primalwine.com

Elisabetta Foradori – The Queen of Biodynamics

Elisabetta Foradori – also known as “The Lady of Teroldego” in natural wine circles and well beyond – is one of the most historical and respected natural wineries in Italy, and one of the very few in Northern Italy’s mountainous Trentino-Alto Adige, a region rich in native varieties and diverse terroir but rife with conventional operations. Elisabetta Foradori's winery was originally founded in 1939 with Elisabetta taking the reins in 1984 after her father’s passing. Strongenologygree in oenology from the prestigious S.Michele all’ Adige institute, Elisabetta has always sublimely married in perfect and complementary balance a solid technical preparation with a vision of natural wine as a cultural, living entity which must be the mirror of the unique interaction between vigneron, grape, and terroir. Elisabetta’s...

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Marco Buratti Farnea, Natural Winemaker from Veneto, Natural Wine, Primal Wine - primalwine.co.uk

Farnea – Marco Buratti's Colli Euganei Hideout

Marco Buratti, who might seem rather gruff and surly at first impact, is just quiet and slightly shy...initially at least. He then pleasantly explodes in a frenzy of joyous activity, imbued with the sacred fire of he, who wants to make the wines he loves to drink, and who loves to speak of his land. Before returning to his native burg of Villa di Teolo, in the heart of Veneto’s Colli Euganei hills, he lived more than a few lives: he almost graduated in enology, then managed a few successful restaurants in Padova, and then worked as a chef in New Zealand. All this changed when, also thanks to a small sum he inherited, he was able to purchase the farm of his dreams and...

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Dario Princic, Natural Wine from Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Primal Wine - primalwine.com

Dario Princic – Maceration Master

Dario Princic has now for many years been a paradigmatic example and guiding light when it comes to masterful orange wines from Friuli-Venezia Giulia's Collio subregion, as well as being one of the most revered producers of this hallowed style in the whole world. Dario likes to call himself an “artisan of wine” and we agree but his shimmering, character-filled, and mind-numbingly complex wines manage to seamlessly unite the artisan dimension with that of pure art. Long before natural wines were even called that, way back in 1993, Dario was working like he is now, according to the strictest and purest vinnaturist ethos, in the village of Oslavia, a stone’s throw from the Slovenian borders in the famed Collio area of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. His estate,...

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Sasa Radikon Natural Winemaker in Friuli-Venezai Giulia, Primal Wine, Natural Wine - primalwine.co.uk

Radikon – Honoring Stanko's Legacy

The late Stanko Radikon, a true icon of the renaissance of natural wines and orange wines, once said: “I sent my son Sasa to get a degree in winemaking so that he’d do exactly what not to do”. As hyperbolic and paradoxical as this sentence might sound, it points straight to the amber-hued core of Radikon’s heartfelt and visionary philosophy on natural wine. Far from rejecting scientific knowledge, Stanko always believed that it should be used as a tool to better understand the processes involved in making wine. Radikon's seemingly sudden departure from the then far more lucrative and almost risk-free conventional winemaking came about when, around the early nineties, Stanko began feeling that his wines no longer reflected his spirit and terroir. Stanko found...

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